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Financial Aid - It's Not Magic

John F. Pearson, CPA

This single mom is working on her daughters financial aid forms. She is using what we like to call “the click and pray method”. This is where you file financial aid forms online, and then hope and pray that somehow all the money you need to fulfill your child’s dreams will magically appear.

Hint: It almost never works.

Most colleges in the United States simply don’t have the resources to fulfill 100% of the financial need that most families have to pay today’s terribly high price of college. Coupled with that, most families haven’t saved nearly enough to even fulfill the family’s contribution that those financial aid forms help calculate.

The result… students and parents borrowing a whole lot more money than is prudent!

Our job is to help you muster all your resources:

  • Educate you about things like merit aid and tuition discounting
  • Make you aware of every possible tax saving opportunity during this time
  • Help you with budgeting and managing your cash flow
  • If you do have to borrow, help you borrow smart
  • If you are a business owner, educate you in ways to use that business to help
  • If you have saved for college, show you the best ways to use those savings

Dozens of high schools in the New York metro/Connecticut area rely on us to educate their parents about this process. Let us help you avoid getting in way over your head!

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